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Canada shut down - Bonus Vir
Canada shut down
non habeo meus dictionary tam I will have to just wing it. iimus ad Vancouver for a quick holiday and managed discedere just priusquam nix hit. quando advenimus ad  our winter house frigus et nix pervenerunt et closed cuncta vias. nunc hundreds of autoraedae trans Canadam are upside down in ditches. Accidents in the thousands and power out everywhere. At home on the prairies they are in the minus 40s and 30's.  die saturni it looks like we may get a break veheri trans montes to be home priusquam Saturnalia. Interesting res tamen is that Kelowna has numquam had this kind of cold priusquam et will have the best ice wine crop ever. Will have to buy the 2008 ice wines. deo gratias ago that ego non debeo colligere the grapes it is minus 23 right now.
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From: pjelto19 Date: February 17th, 2013 09:05 am (UTC) (Link)
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