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Overview - Bonus Vir
Well it has been a long and horrible year. I have always hated even years. My landscaping went well. Put in some beautiful gardens this year and was invited to speak next year in the spring to the Horticulture Society. A high honour. But I had so many problems with the people I worked with. They are good people but together they complained bitterly, showed up late, and were completely disorganized. I had to be on site everyday to keep the peace between everyone and so I was late doing my own paper work, sending money to Revenue Canada, doing designs and estimates. Because I was on site everyday I had to work late into the night so I couldn't sleep. At 12 hours every day  (I have always had a rule never more than 6 hours on Sunday though) my relationships with my customers and my husband all suffered.
Then to top it off my dog died. I have never cried so hard and long ever. The loss hurt for months. I loved my dog so much but after his third bout of cancer he was loosing.  I turned him into a rock and he sits in the back yard in his favourite sunning spot.
My Latin had to stop for a few months but now that winter is almost here I am back studying every morning and painting in the afternoons. I will try to break out of gardening for a little next year and I am going to enter a painters walk where all of the painters in the city sell their art in August. I had idenitified a niche where I could have created paintings. I took photos all summer so that I could paint through the winter but then I dropped wine into the computer. I lost all of my pictures, designs, estimates and invoices. It took two weeks non stop work to return everything, except all of the pix where lost for good. Again just a bad year all around.
Can't wait until December when we move back to our winter house in Kelowna. Boo is reducing his work load because he was headed for a heart attack. He is only working 6-8 hours a day now and honestly doesn't know what to do with himself. He just kind of sits on the couch. Eventually, he will start picking up a hobby I hope. Anyways can't wait for winter can't come soon enough.
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