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Bonus Vir
Mihi placet multi nivis. Hodie ego et canis cum nix calcei supra nivi ambulavimus. Per silva baculum quaeremus. Silva magnopere tacitus est.
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Ok lingua latina mea est malus. Harrius Potteris legere possum, paene. Sed musica sacra mea est optima. Ego sum cantor secundus. Scio scio, 4 anni et hic est id.

Vale, sed nunc propero
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Frigus et nix trans Canadam recumbit. Semper nonnullus Canadae est calidus. Sed pro primo tempore quoniam 1971 Canada est alba. cunctae aeroportae habent milles prenderunt. pauci non poterunt ire domus suas. Forte venimus domum prius.
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non habeo meus dictionary tam I will have to just wing it. iimus ad Vancouver for a quick holiday and managed discedere just priusquam nix hit. quando advenimus ad  our winter house frigus et nix pervenerunt et closed cuncta vias. nunc hundreds of autoraedae trans Canadam are upside down in ditches. Accidents in the thousands and power out everywhere. At home on the prairies they are in the minus 40s and 30's.  die saturni it looks like we may get a break veheri trans montes to be home priusquam Saturnalia. Interesting res tamen is that Kelowna has numquam had this kind of cold priusquam et will have the best ice wine crop ever. Will have to buy the 2008 ice wines. deo gratias ago that ego non debeo colligere the grapes it is minus 23 right now.
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proximus hebdomas, nos et amica mea emimus arborem Saturnaliae. Deinde emimus decores purpureos et virides quod amica mea eas voluit. Arbor nostra erat bonus sed ne optima. Die solis amica mea revolavit ad Edmonton. revenimus taberna et emimus novas decores cunctas albas. Nunc arbor est optume. Spero amica mea ne cognovit. 
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In vespere die martis ego et amica mea amico visimus. Cherry pie et vinum glaciei edimus. Exinde lucem Saturnalis spectare vehimur. Deinde vehor amica mea domo suo denique domo meo ii.
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Dies solis, ego chorum iunxi
Ego musicam sacram disco.
Diutissime musica antiqua ecclesia me placet


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Well it has been a long and horrible year. I have always hated even years. My landscaping went well. Put in some beautiful gardens this year and was invited to speak next year in the spring to the Horticulture Society. A high honour. But I had so many problems with the people I worked with. They are good people but together they complained bitterly, showed up late, and were completely disorganized. I had to be on site everyday to keep the peace between everyone and so I was late doing my own paper work, sending money to Revenue Canada, doing designs and estimates. Because I was on site everyday I had to work late into the night so I couldn't sleep. At 12 hours every day  (I have always had a rule never more than 6 hours on Sunday though) my relationships with my customers and my husband all suffered.
Then to top it off my dog died. I have never cried so hard and long ever. The loss hurt for months. I loved my dog so much but after his third bout of cancer he was loosing.  I turned him into a rock and he sits in the back yard in his favourite sunning spot.
My Latin had to stop for a few months but now that winter is almost here I am back studying every morning and painting in the afternoons. I will try to break out of gardening for a little next year and I am going to enter a painters walk where all of the painters in the city sell their art in August. I had idenitified a niche where I could have created paintings. I took photos all summer so that I could paint through the winter but then I dropped wine into the computer. I lost all of my pictures, designs, estimates and invoices. It took two weeks non stop work to return everything, except all of the pix where lost for good. Again just a bad year all around.
Can't wait until December when we move back to our winter house in Kelowna. Boo is reducing his work load because he was headed for a heart attack. He is only working 6-8 hours a day now and honestly doesn't know what to do with himself. He just kind of sits on the couch. Eventually, he will start picking up a hobby I hope. Anyways can't wait for winter can't come soon enough.
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Salvete omnes
Die veneris, autoraedam novam mercamur. Laetus sum.
Wow, Id est quinque series BMW suavis in caerulea.
Scilicet, aborigineus canadensis vetus sum. 
Quinque autoraedas habemus. 
Avunculi mei autoraedas suas in corti in caespite relinquent.
Ego in via relinquo.
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urbs materis meae est Yellowknife
hodie est -31 degrees
urbs mea imus 
in via crystalli iter facimus
viam crystalli (ice roads) non timeo 

viam magnam (main highway) timeo 

Buffalo et cervus videmus
equos et arbores videmus 
denique domos et vaccas videmus
1600 km iter facimus

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